Marine Art Contest for Grades K-12

The Massachusetts Marine Educators and Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary have jointly sponsored an annual Marine Art/Poster Contest for several decades with the theme of "Exploring the Biodiversity of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary." Additional sponsors now include the New England Aquarium, Center for Coastal Studies, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the Ocean Genome Project/Northeastern University, and Woods Hole Sea Grant. A brochure for each year's contest is released in September and available on this website. The deadline usually falls on the Friday of the week after April vacation -- usually late April or very early May. In 2024, all virtual entries must be submitted by May 10 to

Since 2003, the winners and honorable mention selections for the five categories have been posted on this web site. We congratulate all of the talented students who have participated in this contest. Click on the links below to view this amazing artwork.

All the Art Contests

a whale tail above water
The 2004 Art Contest