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Staff members may be contacted by writing: SBNMS, 175 Edward Foster Road, Scituate, MA 02066; or calling 781-545-8026. Phone extensions and e-mail addresses are included here:

Staff Photo

Benjamin Haskell -- Deputy to Acting Superintendent; 781-546-6005;

David Wiley, Ph.D. -- Research Coordinator 781-546-6014;

Anne I. Smrcina – Education Coordinator 781-546-6007;

Leila Hatch, Ph.D. -- Marine Ecologist; 781-546-6006;

Elizabeth Stokes -- Program Support Assistant 781-546-6004; elizabeth

Michael Thompson -- GIS Analyst 781-546-6008;

Alan Collette -- Program Support Specialist 781-546-6016;

David Slocum -- Facilities and Vessel Operations Coordinator 781-546-6021;

Anne-Marie Runfola -- Volunteer Coordinator 781-546-6023;

Alice Stratton -- Marine Ecologist, 203-882-6515

Peter Hong -- Research Technician 781-546-6022;

Alice Stratton --


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