Life-Long Learners

man on a dock looking at a stellwagen bank national marine sanctuary exhibit
Exhibits located throughout the sanctuary region provide information about the sanctuary's history and resources. Photo: Anne Smrcina/NOAA

For students of all ages, sanctuary staff and associates offer a variety of free programs throughout the year, some in-person and others virtually.

Training sessions prepare volunteers for citizen science programs and to assist sanctuary researchers. Depending on the activity, the required training program may be as short as an hour or as long as several evenings.

The sanctuary also hosts temporary exhibits and booths at various public events, such as boat shows, heritage festivals and environmental fairs and has held movie nights at our Meeting Annex in Scituate. Check our calendar listings for more information. Take a trip to one of our permanent sanctuary exhibits at our education partners' facilities.

This website's multimedia section includes links to videos that showcase sanctuary animals, research and conservation. Learn about topics from all corners of the National Marine Sanctuary System, including Stellwagen Bank, in hour-long free educational webinars (they're not just for teachers). Gain new insights about the ocean with scientists in real-time expeditions sponsored by the sanctuary, the to Office of National Marine Sanctuaries or NOAA Ocean Exploration.