Get Involved

Want to get involved with Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary? There are many ways you can help. Volunteers contribute to research missions, provide technical expertise, and actively assist in fulfilling our mission. They work in the office or in the field on assignments ranging from membership on our Sanctuary Advisory Council to teaching children about marine life from the inside of our inflatable whale, Salt. You can also aid sanctuary programs financially through the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, a national nonprofit that directly works with the National Marine Sanctuary System and its individual sanctuaries and monuments to ensure a healthy and thriving future for the ocean and Great Lakes.

person photographing a shark in the water

Volunteer Opportunities

Find out about the sanctuary's diverse volunteer opportunities, ranging from office assistance to ocean-going research. The sanctuary accepts interested participants of all ages starting at 14.

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Volunteer of the Year

The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and National Marine Sanctuary Foundation honor individuals who have provided exceptional support to the sanctuary system.

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Sanctuary Advisory Council

Participants advise sanctuary management on key issues and represent user groups and the public at-large. The council meets three to four times a year. Membership terms are set at three years each for primary and alternate seats.

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Citizen Science

Many sanctuary volunteers participate in citizen science projects, including as Seabird Stewards and Marine Mammal Observers. The sanctuary trains interested volunteers and welcomes ideas for new citizen science programs.

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National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

You can support your national marine sanctuaries through the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary has an account with the foundation.

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Jobs in the Sanctuary

Open federal positions, including any at the sanctuary, are posted on the USA Jobs website and processed remotely. Do not apply directly to the sanctuary for any open positions.