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The sanctuary sits astride the historic shipping routes and fishing grounds for numerous ports around Massachusetts. These ports have been centers of maritime activity in New England for hundreds of years. Historic uses of the sanctuary are evidenced by the remains of historic shipwrecks on the seafloor.

A collection of maritime heritage resources, in the form of shipwrecks, now lie on the seafloor as a tangible connection to the Gulf of Maine's over 400 years of maritime history.


Travel along with scientists as they search for and document the sanctuary's shipwrecks. Check back often for updated project information throughout the year.

ROV Deployment


Learn how archaeologists use various types of technology, such as sonar and ROVs, to locate and image shipwrecks on the seafloor.


Maritime History

Examine the sanctuary's maritime past through stories of fishing, whaling, submarines, and rum running.

Historic Gloucester


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