2018 Marine Art Contest

Theme: Exploring the Biological Diversity of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

Scientifc Illustration (all grades)

Naked Sea Butterflies
1st Place: Amy Wang, gr. 9, Winchester HS. Naked Sea Butterflies
Common Tern
2nd Place: Caroline Delinks, gr. 11, Falmouth HS. Common Tern
3rd Place: Walter Shen, gr. 10, Luckie Art Studio, Lexington. Dinoflagellates

High School (grades 9-12)

Krill and Beroe's Comb Jelly
1st Place: Linda Palominos, gr. 12, Rio Hondo, HS, Texas. Krill & Beroe's Comb Jelly
Striped Bass
2nd Place: Gabrielle Gu, gr. 10, Westborough HS. Striped Bass
Humpback Whales
3rd Place: Aayan Patel, gr. 9, Davidson Academy of Nevada. Humpback Whales

Middle School (grades 5-8)

Common Loon
1st Place: Michela G., gr. 8, Marshall Simonds MS, Burlington. Common Loon
Harbor Seals
2nd Place: Donna X., gr. 5, Li Mao Art Studio, Houston, TX. Harbor Seals
Great Shearwater
3rd Place: Sophia S., gr. 7, Lexington. Great Shearwater

Elementary School (grades k-4)

Comb Jellies
1st Place: Jasmine Wang, gr. 4, Lexington. Comb Jellies
Atlantic Puffins
2nd Place: Joya Wang, gr. 4, Hillside Elementary School, Needham. Atlantic Puffins
Arctic Terns
3rd Place: Jocelyn Chen, gr. 4, Lexington. Arctic Terns

Computer Graphics (all grades)

Humpback Whale
1st Place: Carrie Wang, gr. 9, Mr. Gao Art Studio, Boston. Humpback Whale
Red-gilled Nudibranch
2nd Place: Lillian Hudanich, gr. 9, Norwell HS. Red-gilled Nudibranch
Horseshoe Crab
3rd Place: Christian Hudanich, gr. 9, Norwell HS. Horseshoe Crab