2016 Marine Art Contest

Theme: "Marine Biodiversity of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary."

Scientifc Illustration (all grades)

1st Place: Erik Zou, gr. 9, Roxbury Latin School, West Roxbury. Octopus
Striped Bass
2nd Place: Mattie Madsen, gr. 11, Falmouth HS, Falmouth. Striped Bass
Moon Jellyfish
3rd Place: Aubrie Isabelu, gr. 11, Old Rochester Regional HS, Mattapoisett. Moon Jellyfish

High School (grades 9-12)

1st Place: Olivia McKnight, gr. 11, Falmouth High School. Bluefish
Green Sea Turtle
2nd Place: Beatrice Chen, gr. 9, Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, MI. Green Sea Turtle
3rd Place: Xindi Chang, gr. 10, Huron High School, Ann Arbor, MI. Octopus

Middle School (grades 5-8)

Red-Necked Phalaropes
1st Place: Jonathan L., gr. 8, Diamond MS, Lexington. Red-Necked Phalaropes
Green Sea Turtle and Tuna
2nd Place: Jessica L., gr. 8, McCall Middle School/Luckie Art Studio, Winchester. Green Sea Turtle &Tuna
3rd Place: Yanxin W., gr. 5, Norman E. Day School, Westford. Ctenophores

Elementary School (grades k-4)

Acadian Hermit Crab
1st Place: Helen Z., gr. 3, Mystic Valley Regional Charter School, Medford. Acadian Hermit Crab
Harbor Seal
2nd Place: Cynthia T., gr. 4, Li Jia Yu Art Studio, Houston, TX. Harbor Seal
3rd Place: Caroline J., gr. 4, Luckie Art Studio, Winchester. Humpback

Computer Graphics (all grades)

Atlantic Puffin
1st Place: Elizabeth Jerome, gr. 11, Old Colony Reg Voc Tech HS, Rochester. Atlantic Puffin
Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin
2nd Place: Fallon Mello, gr. 11, Plymouth South High School. Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin
Tails, Fins and Bubbles
3rd Place: Anne Marie Miscioscia, gr. 11, Cohasset HS. Tails, Fins & Bubbles