2019 Marine Art Contest

Theme: Exploring the Biological Diversity of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary.

Scientifc Illustration (all grades)

Red-Gilled Nudibranch
1st Place: Jessica D., gr. 8, Diamond MS, Lexington.. Red-Gilled Nudibranch
2nd Place: Angela Zhang, gr. 10, Lexington HS. Diatoms
3rd Place: Elizabeth C., gr. 8, Covenant Christian Acad., W. Peabody. Copepods

High School (grades 9-12)

1st Place: Jayana McGuire, gr. 12, Bourne, HS. Green Sea Turtle & Moon Jelly
Thick-Billed Murres
2nd Place: Haley Johnson, gr. 12, King Philip Reg. HS, Wrentham. Thick-Billed Murres
Loggerhead Turtles
3rd Place: Elizabeth Jo, gr. 10, The Bromfield School, Harvard Loggerhead Turtles

Middle School (grades 5-8)

American Lobster
1st Place: Hantong L., gr. 8, Luckie Art Studio, Lexington. American Lobster
2nd Place: Alicia Z., gr. 7, Wood Hill MS, Andover. Atlantic Octopus
3rd Place: Ava W., gr. 7, Diamond MS, Lexington. Sea Raven

Elementary School (grades k-4)

Atlantic Wolffish
1st Place: Dylan Y., gr. 4, Thoreau School, Concord. Atlantic Wolffish
Atlantic Puffins
2nd Place: Christina Q., gr. 4, Peter Noyes ES, Sudbury. Atlantic Puffins
Turtle Hatchlings
3rd Place: Nancy L., gr. 4, Buybank School, Belmont. Turtle Hatchlings

Computer Graphics (all grades)

1st Place: Sabrina Stone, gr. 10, Old Colony Reg. Voc. Tech. HS. Octopus
Food Chain
2nd Place: Trinity Fournier. Gr. 9, Old Colony Reg. Voc. Tech. HS. Food Chain
3rd Place: Christian Hudanich, gr. 10, Norwell HS. Goosefish