whales swim near a container ship
Sounds from natural and human sources fill the sanctuary, like the noises of ships and the vocalizations of whales. Photo: WCNE/NOAA (NOAA Fisheries Permit #981-1707)

The ocean is not a silent world, and that also goes for the sanctuary. There are a multitude of sounds happening at all times – some natural, and some created by humans. You can find a collection of sounds from local waters and other locations around the nation and world, at the NOAA Fisheries Sounds in the Ocean web pages.

As the SanctSound project continues, the research team will be developing a database of sounds from all of the sanctuaries. We will post a selection of Stellwagen Bank-specific sounds to this site.

Right Whale

part of a right whale protruding from water
Caption: Listen to a North Atlantic right whale upcall (a social call between right whales). Photo: Peter Flood


dolphins swim just below the surface
Listen to Atlantic white-sided dolphin whistles. Photo: Anne Smrcina/NOAA


two cod in deep water
Listen to the grunts and knocks of Atlantic cod. Photo: Doug Costa/NOAA


a haddock in deep water
Listen to the thumps and knocks of an Atlantic haddock. Photo: Stephen G. Johnson