Whale Watching

One of the important ecotourism industries in eastern Massachusetts is whale watching, with an estimated one million passengers heading out onto the ocean to view some of the largest animals on our planet. Most of those sea-going trips head out to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Use our Whale Watching Tips section to prepare for this exciting nature experience.

Hunt for Great Whale Images
If you are interested in videotaping whales, review the special section prepared by an expert who has had years of experience capturing whales in spectacular images.

Keep Safety in Mind
If you go out on a whale watch, make sure to follow all regulations and guidelines. Review the five tips for safe recreational boating around whales listed in our See A Spout education program.

Planning a Whale Watching Trip
A number of companies schedule regular trips into the sanctuary. Visit our whale watch company page to view a complete list of vessels that view whales in the sanctuary.
Make the most of your whale watching experience by following the suggestions on our Tips for Whale Watching page.


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