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The Office of Coast Survey (OCS) manages the NOAA nautical charting and nautical data collection and information programs.

The Office of Coast Survey is a component of the National Ocean Service which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Coast Survey has a long history as the oldest scientific organization in the United States, having its foundation as far back as 1807. Henry Stellwagen, a Lieutenant with the US Navy was on loan to the Coast Survey when he mapped the entirety of the bank that now bears his name. Today the Office of Coast Survey is known for the useful and necessary navigational products which are required for the safe and efficient maritime commerce in and out of our Nation's ports.

NOAA offers various forms of charts, from electronic to paper, for most of our nation's coastline. This list of chart numbers for traditional charts and charts-on-demand (raster nautical charts) may be of interest to mariners visiting the sanctuary.

Chart #: 13009  Title: Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank
Chart #: 13236  Title: Cape Cod Canal and Approaches
Chart #: 13246  Title: Cape Cod Bay
Chart #: 13249  Title: Provincetown Harbor
Chart #: 13250  Title: Wellfleet Harbor; Sesuit Harbor
Chart #: 13251  Title: Barnstable Harbor
Chart #: 13253  Title: Harbors of Plymouth, Kingston and Duxbury; Green Harbor
Chart #: 13260  Title: Bay of Fundy to Cape Cod
Chart #: 13267  Title: Massachusetts Bay; North River
Chart #: 13269  Title: Cohasset and Scituate Harbors
Chart #: 13272  Title: Boston Inner Harbor
Chart #: 13274  Title: Portsmouth Harbor to Boston Harbor; Merrimack River Extension
Chart #: 13275  Title: Salem and Lynn Harbors; Manchester Harbor
Chart #: 13276  Title: Salem, Marblehead and Beverly Harbors
Chart #: 13278  Title: Portsmouth to Cape Ann; Hampton Harbor
Chart #: 13279  Title: Ipswich Bay to Gloucester Harbor; Rockport Harbor
Chart #: 13281  Title: Gloucester Harbor and Annisquam River
Chart #: 13282  Title: Newburyport Harbor and Plum Island Sound
Chart #: 13283  Title: Portsmouth Harbor; Cape Neddick Harbor to Isles of Shoals
Chart #: 13285  Title: Portsmouth to Dover and Exeter
Chart #: 13286  Title: Cape Elizabeth to Portsmouth; Cape Porpoise Harbor; Wells Harbor; Kennebunk River; Perkins Cove

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