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2013 Seabirds

Here are the award winners and honorable mentions. This category was instituted by MME in memory of Joseph McQuade, a founding member of the organization and a seabird/waterfowl enthusiast.

1st Place: Lisa Shimamoto
1st Place: Laughing Gull by Lisa Shimamoto, age 16, ge. 11, Poolesville HS, Gaithersburg, MD

2nd Place: Adelle Goetemann
2nd Place: Gull by Adelle Goetemann, age 16, gr. 10, Lincoln-Sudbury Reg. HS

3rd Place: Hadlee Coker
3rd Place: Roseate Tern by Hadlee Coker, age 17, gr. 12, Falmouth HS

4th Place: Amanda Pong
4th Place: Herring Gull by Amanda Pong, age 16, gr. 11, Plymouth South HS

5th Place: Linnea DellDeo
5th Place: Common Tern by Linnea DellDeo, age 17, gr. 11, Nauset Reg. HS (Orleans)

6th Place: Nicholas Daly
6th Place: Double-crested Cormorant by Nicholas Daly, age 13, gr. 7, Pierce Middle School, Milton

6th Place: Aruabba Griffin
6th Place: Eider Ducks by Arianna Griffin, age 17, gr. 11, Plymouth South HS

HM: Caitlin B.
HM: Great Shearwaters by Caitlin B., age 12, gr. 7, Morton Middle School, Fall River

HM: Emily Cady
HM: Atlantic Puffin by Emily Cady, age 16, gr. 11, Norfolk County Agricultural HS

HM: Jessica C.
HM: Two Puffins by Jessica C., age 13, gr. 8, Atlantic Middle School, Quincy

HM: Grace D.
HM: Razorbill by Grace D., age 11, gr. 6, Pierce Middle School, Milton

HM: Madison H.
HM: Red Phalarope by Madison H., age 13, gr. 7, Wareham Middle School

HM: Zachary N.
HM: Wilson's Storm Petrel by Zachary N., age 14, gr. 8, Central Tree Middle School, Rutland

HM: Eliza O.
HM: Common Loon by Eliza O., age 12, gr. 6, Pierce Middle School, Milton

HM: Rose Claire P.
HM: Red-breasted Mergansers by Rose Claire P., age 11, gr. 5, Homeschool, Stoneham

HM: Lucianne Q.
HM: Gull (collage) by Lucianne Q., age 12, gr. 6, Plymouth South Middle School

HM: Kasia S.
HM: Hooded Merganser by Kasia S., age 13, gr. 7, Provincetown Schools

HM: Isabelle T.
HM: Puffin with Lighthouse by Isabelle T., age 14, gr. 8, Littleton Middle School

HM: Lauren V.
HM: Atlantic Puffin on Rock by Lauren V., age 12, gr. 6, Nauset Regional Middle School



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