HM1:  Anya C.
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2013 Middle School

Here are the award winners and honorable mentions

1st Place: Kolbe C.
1st Place: Leatherback Turtle by Kolbe C., age 13, gr. 7, Homeschool, Acushnet

2nd Place: Erik Z.
2nd Place: American Lobster by Erik Z., age 12, gr. 6, Clarke Middle School, Lexington

3rd Place: Jessica Z.
3rd Place: Moon Jellyfish by Jessica Z., age 13, gr. 8, Clague Middle School/Art Corner, Ann Arbor, MI

4th Place: Noah S.
4th Place: Atlantic Bluefin Tuna by Noah S., age 13, gr. 7, Pierce Middle School, Milton

5th Place: Claire M.
5th Place: Humpback Whale (dive) by Claire M., age 11, gr. 6, Clarke Middle School, Lexington

6th Place: Abigail J.
6th Place: Acadian Hermit Crab by Abigail J., age 13, gr. 7, Normandin Middle School, New Bedford

HM: Brendan B.
HM: North Atlantic Right Whales by Brendan B., age 12, gr. 6, Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School

HM: Harrison C.
HM: White Shark, Harbor Seal and Dolphins by Harrison C., age 12, gr. 6 and Nathan U., age 11, gr. 5, Antioch School, Fall River

HM: Meredith C.
HM: Northern Puffer by Meredith C., age 13, gr. 8, Swampscott Middle School

HM:  Andrew C.
HM: Herring Gull by Andrew C., age 13, gr. 7, Southbrook Academy, Bridgewater

HM: Nicholas G.
HM: Humpback Breach by Nicholas G., age 14, gr. 8, St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School

HM: Sarah G.
HM: Octopus by Sarah G., age 12, gr. 6, Hubbardston Center School

HM: Mandy H.
HM: Atlantic White-sided Dolphins by Mandy H., age 11, gr. 5, Art Corner, Ann Arbor, MI

HM: Sharah P.
HM: Bottlenose Dolphins by Sarah P., age 13, gr. 8, William Diamond Middle School, Lexington

HM: Abrianna S.
HM: Ocean Sunfish by Abrianna S., age 12, gr. 6, Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School

HM: Jack V.
HM: North Atlantic Right Whale by Jack V., age 10, gr. 5, Antioch School, Fall River

HM: Sophie W.
HM: Harbor Seal by Sophie W., age 12, gr. 7, Antioch School, Fall River



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