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2012 High School

Here are the award winners and honorable mentions

1st Place:  Dan Woolhiser
1st Place: Humpback and Herring by Dan Woolhiser, age 16, gr. 11, Swampscott HS

2nd Place: Keegan Gilmore
2nd Place: Acadian Hermit Crab by Keegan Gilmore, age 17, gr. 11, Nauset Reg. HS

3rd Place: Hannah Qin
3rd Place: Long-finned Pilot Whales by Hannah Qin, age 16, gr. 11, Saline HS/Art Corner, Ann Arbor, MI

4th Place: Morgan O'Connell
4th Place: Great White Shark by Morgan O’Connell, age 17, gr. 11, Milton Academy

5th Place: Elizabeth Salomaa
5th Place: Harbor Seal by Elizabeth Salomaa, age 16, gr. 10, Chelmsford HS

6th Place: Molly Dunbar
6th Place: Sea Star by Molly Dunbar, age 17, gr. 12, Nauset Reg. HS

6th Place: Summer Flounder
6th Place: Summer Flounder by Morgan Mindrebo, age 17, gr. 12, Nauset Reg. HS

HM: Sarah Clapp
HMe: Harbor Seal by Sarah Clapp, age 16, gr. 10, Dover-Sherborn HS

HM: Molly Fitzgerald
HM: Atlantic White-sided Dolphins by Molly Fitzgerald, age 17, gr. 11, Cohasset HS

HM: Bianca Furtabe
HM: Jellyfish by Bianca Furtabe, age 17, gr. 11, Cohasset HS

HM: Patrick Irvine
HM: Short-finned Mako Shark by Patrick Irvine, age 18, gr. 12, Falmouth HS

HM: Adrian Martin
HM: Great White Shark by Adrian Martin, age 16, gr. 10, McMinnville HS, McMinnville, OR

HM: Emily O'Connor
Wolffish by Emily O’Connor, age 16, gr. 11, Norfolk County Agricultural HS

HM: Madeleine Taylor
HM: Atlantic White-sided Dolphin by Madeleine Taylor, age 14, gr. 9, Cohasset HS

HM: Kendra Walters
HM: Harbor Seal by Kendra Walters, age 17, gr. 12, Plymouth South HS

HM: Darryl Weathers
HM: Atlantic Puffin by Darryl Weathers, age 18, gr. 12, Falmouth HS



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