Unidentified Trawler

An unidentified fishing trawler shipwreck rests on top of Stellwagen Bank in 105-110 feet of water in the Outbound Lane of the Port of Boston’s Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS).  The steel-hulled trawler’s identity has not been determined; therefore, the sanctuary is seeking help from anyone who might know its name or has information on recent trawler shipwrecks in the sanctuary.

The trawler is broken into four main components; pilothouse, hull, stern, and net reel surrounded by smaller hull fragments.  Since the vessel is broken into pieces, its overall length is coarsely estimated at 65 feet with measurements of the trawler’s stern indicating a breadth of around 19 feet.  The vessel’s hull is painted light blue and white and there are no obvious indications as to why it sank. 

Unidentified Trawler Coordinates:
Degrees Minutes
42-18.73056 N
70-17.8425 W

Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary, in partnership with Northern Atlantic Dive Expeditions, installed a subsurface mooring on this shipwreck. For more information download the mooring use guide here.

Pilot houseSide
The vessel’s pilothouse (left) and hull (right) lie on a flat sandy bottom (courtesy of Heather Knowles, NADE).

The vessel’s stern (left) is upside down and its keel (right) is colonized by sponges (courtesy of Heather Knowles, NADE).

When compared to other sanctuary shipwrecks, the quantity of invertebrate growth covering the hull suggests that it sank before 1990.  Steel stern trawlers came into common use in the late 1960s.  These dates suggest a likely sinking date between 1970 and 1990.  Local SCUBA diving charters are now taking divers to the shipwreck so hop onboard and help us identify this wreck. 

Pilot House Doors
Three pilothouse doors offer divers a view of the trawler’s interior
(Doug Costa, NOAA/SBNMS).

The trawler’s helm and engine controls are still in place
(Courtesy of Heather Knowles, NADE).

Sea Raven
A sea raven lies camouflaged amongst sponges and anemones on the pilothouse roof (Doug Costa, NOAA/SBNMS).

Net Reel
The vessel’s net reel sits by itself in the sand near the stern piece (Matthew Lawrence, NOAA/SBNMS).


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