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Portland Photomosaic Project

During three days in September 2004 the sanctuary, in conjunction with the National Undersea Research Center at the University of Connecticut (NURC-UCONN), returned to the steamship Portland to continue the site documentation begun in 2002. Project personnel used the NURC/UCONN remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Hela to gather digital still and video imagery of the shipwreck. Hela was equipped with a 3 CCD digital video camera, a 3 megapixel digital still camera with strobe, and a HMI light. Operations were conducted off the University of Connecticut vessel R/V Connecticut, which made day trips out of Gloucester, MA.

ROV Hela
The ROV Hela outfitted with a downward facing camera
to capture video for a mosaic of the Portland's main deck.

Portland Schematic
Area covered of the Portland's main deck that is suitable
to create a mosaic based on video captured during this project.

The investigation focused on photographing the Portland's main deck as part of an ongoing project to assess, study, and interpret the shipwreck for the public. This project obtained digital video imagery of the Portland from its bow to just aft of the port paddlewheel including the boiler uptakes and walking beam engine. Additional video imagery of the steam release pipe along with undientified wreckage to the port side of the Portland's bow was also recorded. Plan view digital still and video images were taken of the Portland's steam release pipe as well as 70% coverage of the main/freight deck level forward of the boiler uptakes. Video and still images will be used to create a mosaic of the site and associated features.


Mosaic of the steam release pipe
Mosaic of the steam release pipe.

This project was made possible through support from NOAA's Maritime Heritage Program and the National Undersea Research Center at the University of Connecticut (NURC/UCONN).

For more information on the steamship Portland click here.


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