Josephine Marie

The Josephine Marie was a steel-hulled stern trawler that now lies in 100 feet of water on top of Stellwagen Bank. Built in 1969 by the Bender Welding and Machine Company, Inc. of Mobile, Alabama, the vessel was 80 feet long and 154 gross tons. Based in Gloucester, MA the Josephine Marie actively fished in Massachusetts Bay until 1 February 1992 when disaster struck.

Josephine Marie
Josephine Marie tied up in Gloucester. Courtesy of John Harper.

While returning from a routine fishing trip, the crew radioed the Coast Guard that the Josephine Marie was taking on water and needed immediate help. A Coast Guard helicopter lowered two pumps to the sinking vessel, but the crew was unable to get them working. The trawler's crew abandoned ship and were rescued by the F/V Italian Gold and taken to shore.

side scan sonar image
Side scan sonar image of the
Josephine Marie. Courtesy of

The red-hulled Josephine Marie lies upside down with its bow facing roughly northwest. Divers are free to visit the site, but should be aware of hazards such as strong currents and fishing gear.

Josephine Marie Coordinates (two formats provided):

Decimal Degrees
N 42.18208 W 70.22443

Degrees Minutes
N 42 10.925 W 70 13.466

Click here for underwater video of the Josephine Marie shipwreck

The Josephine Marie's propeller makes a great photo backdrop (courtesy of Doug Costa, NOAA/SBNMS).

Brightly colored invertebrates cover the Josephine Marie (courtesy of Matthew Lawrence, NOAA/SBNMS).

The vessel's keel and keel coolers are now home to sponges and sea stars (courtesy of Matthew Lawrence, NOAA/SBNMS).

Dogfish are frequent visitors to the shipwreck and may be seen feeding on sand lance (courtesy of Doug Costa, NOAA/SBNMS).


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