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2005 Delaware II Remote Sensing Cruise

The sanctuary conducted a 12-day remote sensing research cruise from the NOAA ship Delaware II during February and March 2005. The project's goal was to locate maritime heritage resource sites, such as shipwrecks. Side scan sonar allows the sanctuary to record an acoustic image of the sanctuary's seafloor. The image can then be analyzed to reveal biological habitats, geologic features, and maritime heritage resources for sanctuary management and outreach. The side scan sonar survey covered approximately 20-square kilometers in the sanctuary.

NOAA ship Delware II
NOAA ship Delaware II is based in Woods Hole, MA.

Snowy morning
A cold snowy morning starts a day of
remote sensing in the sanctuary.

Sanctuary archaeologists joined by a number of hearty soles who braved the cold wind, snow, and high seas to enhance the sanctuary's knowledge of its maritime past. GIS specialist Just Moller and vessel captain Steve Kibner participated in the cruise from SBNMS, while Russ Green joined the project from Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary in Michigan. David Trubey, Deputy Director of the Massachusetts Board of Underwater Archaeological Resources, and archaeologist Claire Calcagno of MIT's Dibner Institute also generously donated their time to the project.

Sanctuary archaeologist
A sanctuary archaeologist monitors the sonar and
navigation computers which record the data
which will be analyzed after the project.

Trubey and Langlois inpspect sonar
Maritime archaeologist David Trubey (left) and
Delaware II crewmen Pete Langlois (right)
inspect the sonar after a day of surveying.

NOAA's Maritime Heritage Program and Maritime Archaeology Center as well as the National Undersea Research Center at the University of Connecticut provided equipment support for the project. Sanctuary staff are currently analyzing the sonar data collected during the cruise and will conduct additional close order investigations of possible targets with a remotely operated vehicle in the future. The sanctuary would especially like to thank the crew of the Delaware II for their hard work that made this cruise successful.


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