Part 2, Sec. 4F and 4G
Administration - Staffing and Facilities

F. Sanctuary Staffing

Depending on the budget and personnel assigned to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, staffing will include a NOAA Sanctuary Manager, an administrative assistant, a research coordinator, an education coordinator, and one or more enforcement/ interpreter positions. The Sanctuary staff will work closely with the USCG, the NMFS, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and other Federal agencies in providing enforcement and surveillance in the area of the Sanctuary. The need for additional staffing will be determined during the first two years of Sanctuary operation.

G. Sanctuary Facilities

A Sanctuary headquarters, housing administrative offices and visitor center facilities, will be established at a suitable location convenient to the Sanctuary site. The town of Plymouth has been selected by NOAA as the location for the SBNMS headquarters office. Public Law 102-587, at §2202 (d), also directs the Secretary of Commerce to consider establishment of a satellite Sanctuary office in Provincetown, Gloucester, or Hull, MA.



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