Part 2, Sec. 4C
Administration - Research: Roles and Responsibilities

C. Research: Roles and Responsibilities

1. Sanctuaries and Reserves Division

• Prepares annual Sanctuary Research Plans (SRP's) for each Sanctuary;

• Prepares annual National Research Plan (NRP) and budget, based on the SRP's of individual Sanctuaries and in accordance with priorities determined at the National level;

• Sets dates for procurement based on the NRP;

• Administers interagency agreements and contracts for research;

• Reviews all interim and final research reports submitted by the Sanctuary Manager; and

• Issues permits, through the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, for research activities, considering the recommendations of the Sanctuary Manager, to ensure consistency with Sanctuary regulations and provide additional technical review where necessary.

2. Sanctuary Manager

• Recommends generic areas of research to resolve management issues;

• Develops the Sanctuary Research Plan (SRP);

• Reviews research documents and progress reports submitted by contractors;

• Prepares assessments of research needs and priorities based on management requirements and research continuity;

• Implements the Sanctuary Research Plan (SRP);

• Coordinates research and monitoring activities in the Sanctuary in cooperation with the SRD, Sanctuary Advisory Committee, and other interested agencies or parties;

• Coordinates an on-site process for reviewing and evaluating research proposals and permits requests, considering the views of the SRD, Sanctuary Advisory Committee, concerned individuals and interest groups;

• Submits recommendations to SRD on the issuance of Sanctuary research permits, considering the recommendations of the SAC; and

• Oversees permitted research activities.

3. Sanctuary Advisory Committee

• Advises the Sanctuary Manager on review of research proposals, interim, and final reports;

• Advises the Research Coordinator and the Sanctuary Manager on priority research needs; and

• Advises the Sanctuary Manager on the issuance of research permits.

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