The Sanctuary Management Plan - 1993 Plan

A sanctuary management plan is a site-specific planning and management document that describes the objectives, policies, and activities for a sanctuary. Management plans generally outline regulatory goals, describe boundaries, identify staffing and budget needs, set priorities and performance measures for resource protection, research, and education programs. They also guide the development of future management activities. The Gerry E. Studds Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan and Final Environmental Impact Statement was published in 1993 after the designation of the Sanctuary. That document is now out of print. This web site contains the text of that original Management Plan. The Sanctuary is undergoing a Management Plan Review to ensure that our plan is up-to-date and able to best conserve, protect, and enhance this nationally significant marine site. When the new Management Plan is published (scheduled for 2004), the complete document (in html and pdf versions) will be available at this page.

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