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Introduction to this Web Site

The objective of this Web Site is to provide the public with up-to-date, reliable and official information on the resources, history, research activities, education programs and management of the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. The site will be a flexible outreach tool that will provide materials in a timely fashion to sanctuary users, technical audiences, and the general public. We appreciate your comments. Please e-mail them to:

Description of Content Sections

Home Page - this section provides a variety of changing features including "Pictures of the Month," daily meteorological and sea conditions, and guidance to new items within the site. The Sanctuary's mission statement is provided.

About the Sanctuary - provides background information about the people, office, setting, resources, history, and uses of the sanctuary. Electronic versions of general interest sanctuary publications (new and archival) are available here, as is a bibliography of publications about the sanctuary and its resources.

Sanctuary Management - includes the full text of the present management plan and documents pertaining to the management plan review process. Sections cover sanctuary and related regulations and enforcement programs.

Research & Monitoring - provides a review of the recently completed and ongoing research in the sanctuary, data from monitoring projects, cruise reports from the field, and technical publications.

Education & Outreach - covers a wide range of programs, from exhibits for the public, to special educational offerings and publications. Online courses are in development. Programs are designed for various audiences ranging from K-12, post-secondary, teachers, and general public.

Wildlife Watching - offers information on the living resources seen in the sanctuary and tips on how to safely go about responsible wildlife viewing. Sections include a guide to the most commonly seen whales in the sanctuary, and guides to species and behaviors.

Image Galleries - provides a location to access photographs of the species, habitats, and users found in the sanctuary. Additional sections include fine art, maps, and children's contributions. Each year's newly named humpback whales (fluke photos) will also be posted here.

Editorial Policies

Tales from Middle Bank (an essay series): Entries should be less than 1,500 words. The essays may either be first person accounts based on personal experiences or third person accounts based on historical research. The views expressed in the essays are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of NOAA or any of its sub-agencies. The sanctuary reserves the right to edit the essays for length, language, and grammar. The author(s) will be consulted before any edited copy is posted on the web page.

Content Areas: In areas where expertise must come from outside the Sanctuary, the webmaster will determine the appropriate contributor. All materials for which the Sanctuary contracts, are in the public domain. Materials donated to the web page are available for downloading for educational purposes, but some restrictions may apply for other uses. Photos and written materials with copyrights will be so noted on the web page.

Logos and Links

The sanctuary will not use any logos other than the NMS and NOAA logos on our home page. Links to non-NOAA sites will be made on the Affiliates page. Links may be made on content pages to appropriate sites for organizations that are sanctuary partners on education, research, management, enforcement, and/or resource conservation programs. By law, these organizations cannot be for-profit institutions; non-governmental, educational, and research institutions qualify. The partnership arrangement may be formal or informal, but the recognition/web link must be two-way in nature. All links to non-government sites will be prefaced with a "You are leaving a government site" window.

Technical Information

Browsers - This site is designed to be completely compatible with Netscape Navigator (v4.0 and above, recommended) or Microsoft Internet Explorer (v4.0 and above, recommended); however, other browsers can also be used.

Access Time - Many pages on this site contain several photographs. The purpose of these photographs is to enhance the visual appeal of the page and provide supplemental information. Images have been provided with captions that allow those readers who do not load images immediately, to select specific images for viewing.

Fonts and Type Sizes - Verdana, Arial, Helvetica are the default fonts for this site; 12 point is the default size. All browsers allow users to select specific fonts and type sizes for display. Some users select large type sizes for ease of reading, or specific fonts for personal tastes. The text and layout should not be adversely affected by a user's selection of alternative fonts and type sizes.

Printing Pages - This site has been designed to ensure simple printing. We recommend printing in portrait format.

Downloadable Documents - A number of large, complex documents will be made available on this site as downloadable files in Portable Document Format (pdf). These files can be viewed on microcomputers equipped with recent versions of the (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some documents may also have either thumbnail views or bookmarks within the Acrobat document; these additional navigation features may remain hidden without first activating an optional menu selection. Adobe has a large collection of support resources if you have problems installing or using the Acrobat Reader software.

Navigation - Navigation through the site is straightforward. There are three levels of hierarchy, most of which are always visible to the user. The first level is in the navigation bar at the top of the page. The second level is in the left column, as text links. The third level is either in the left column, or occasionally, within the text block in the center of the page.

Site Index and Search - These two pages provide additional access assistance. Site index is a complete listing of the higher levels of the site. Search is a standard word/phrase search through all text on the site's pages.

Advanced Features - Several special features are planned. Streaming audio will be offered as RealAudio; streaming video as QuickTime.

RealAudio can be downloaded from:

QuickTime can be downloaded from:

For Further Technical Information - If you would like information about any technical aspects of this site, please send an e-mail to the Webmaster at



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