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About the Sanctuary
Fathom That

Building a virtual museum using cell phone technology

About the Program

Fathom That! offers exciting tales and timely information about Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary to all phone users through recorded messages. The program is free other than normal phone usage charges. Find out about latest sanctuary news, whale watching in the sanctuary, "Rum Running to the Bank," "Pickled Herring," "New England's Titantic," and other sanctuary stories.

A supplementary mobile website allows smartphone users to access photos, videos and weblinks related to the audio messages.

Listen to Fathom That! messages and stories by calling: 781-304-1013

Visit the Fathom That! mobile website at Link

Click here to view a list of our Fathom That! audio messages and "Tales from Stellwagen Bank".External Link

Click here to view a list of our Fathom That! Sea Spot locations.External Link


Fathom That! is an education project of Stellwagen Alive in partnership with the sanctuary. The project was made possible by a Hollings Grant from the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.



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