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The Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Web Site is a cooperative effort, using expertise from staff members at both the field office and headquarters at the National Ocean Service, the National Marine Sanctuaries Office, and NOS partner organizations. In this team effort, many individuals contributed, and continue to assist, in many ways. A list of our contributors follows.


Project Director:

Anne Smrcina, SBNMS Education Coordinator

Web Page Development Advisors:

Lawrence Charters, NOS Special Projects Office
Ben Richards, Florida Keys NMS
John Paul Tolson, NOS Special Projects Office
Gary Aussant, consultant


Cheryl Kimber
Gary Aussant


Anne Smrcina, SBNMS

Contributing Writers:

Sandi Dentino, SBNMS
Katrina Van Dine, SBNMS
Gayle Taylor


special thanks to:
Peter Auster, NURC-NA&GL
Dann Blackwood, USGS
Paul Donaldson, NURC-NA&GL
Andrew Martinez
Bob Michelson, Photography by Michelson

Roger Allen
Brad Barr
Jonathan Bird
Jeff Hannigan, Hannigan Charters
Kevin McCarthy
Gregory Skomal, MA Div. Of Marine Fisheries
Anne Smrcina, SBNMS
Page Valentine, USGS

Center for Coastal Studies
New England Aquarium
Whale Center of New England
Center for Oceanic Research and Education


Bob Michelson, Photography by Michelson
Peter Auster, NURC-NA&GL
Paul Donaldson, NURC-NA&GL

Audio Tracks:

Peter Scheifele, NURC-NA&GL
Mason Weinrich, Cetacean Research Unit


Cheryl Kimber
Frank McCue
John Salvucci
Mark Gilmore


David Mattila
Kevin Sullivan

Contributing Organizations (content):

Center for Coastal Studies

National Undersea Research Center-North Atlantic and Great Lakes, Univ. of Conn.

New England Aquarium

US Geological Survey, North Atlantic and Great Lakes Branch

Whale Center of New England

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