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Sanctuary Advisory Council

New SAC Members Announced

Under provisions of the National Marine Sanctuaries Act, the Secretary of Commerce is authorized to establish Sanctuary Advisory Councils. The Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary has established a new Council, announcing the membership on October 3, 2001. Click here to view the press release of the membership announcement.

The process to establish this Council was announced in a Federal Register notice that was published on May 4th.

The Sanctuary Advisory Council (SAC) advises the Sanctuary Superintendent and staff on issues relevant to the effective implementation of the Sanctuary Management Plan. The Council is the formal organizational link to the Sanctuary’s user community and others interested in the management of this nationally significant area of the marine environment.

Duties of the Council include:

  • providing advice and recommendations to the Superintendent regarding management of the Sanctuary drawing upon the expertise of its members and other sources;

  • serving as liaisons between their communities and the Sanctuary, by keeping the Sanctuary staff informed of issues and concerns, as well as performing outreach to their respective communities on the Sanctuary's behalf;

  • serving as a forum for consultation and deliberation among its members and as a source of consensus advice to the Superintenden

The Council membership is to be made up of 15 non-governmental voting members and six governmental ex-officio members (non-voting).

The non-governmental members are selected to represent local user groups, conservation and other public interest organizations, scientific and educational organizations, or members of the public interested in the protection and multiple use management of Sanctuary resources. Representatives from the following groups will be chosen:

  • conservation (2),

  • education (2),

  • research (2),

  • recreation (1),

  • whale watching (1),

  • fixed fishing gear (1),

  • mobile fishing gear (1),

  • marine transportation (1),

  • business/industry (1); and

  • citizens-at-large (3).

The governmental members are to represent agencies with regulatory authorities or other direct interests in the Sanctuary and its resources. The member organizations are:

  • National Marine Fisheries Service Northeast Regional Center (federal fisheries and protected species management);

  • New England Regional Fishery Management Council (federal fisheries management planning);

  • U.S. Coast Guard (federal marine resources and maritime enforcement);

  • Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (state-federal ocean management consistency);

  • Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (state ocean fisheries management); and

  • Massachusetts Division of Law Enforcement (cooperative state-federal environmental law enforcement).

For more information about the Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary Advisory Council, please refer to the Charter.

For a copy of the press release announcing the Council members, click here.

If any of the Council seats should become vacant, the Sanctuary will issue a call for applications on this website and through the media. To apply for one of the non-governmental Council seats, see the Requirements and Application Guidelines pages on this web site.

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